About Us

Sunny Princess was founded in 1998. At first it was a small company, making children's dresses, but with the course of time in the studio came young, progressive and ambitious professionals who made their contribution to the development of the company. Through their help new collection of dresses for little princesses were created.

Step by step, with the increase of the products assortment and new collections releases, base of wholesale and retail customers has been also increased. We, like any growing company, have reflected the model range expansion in order have a possibility to satisfy with our products as much as possible of the fair sex. As a result, we decided to explore wedding business; it’s upon to you to decide whether we are successful.

In 2013 our company launched a new line of wedding dresses. We present you the original models of wedding dresses and don’t forget about the most valuable and little princess. For them we offer a large range of dresses, which is increasing from year to year.

Our company is engaged in tailoring of wedding dresses which are of high quality and of original sewing. A team of professionals, experts in their field: designers, fashion designers, seamstress are working on them. These people lend not only their professionalism but also soul to a task.

So what is the secret of phenomenal magnetism of the dresses from Sunny Princess collections? First of all it’s the use of completely new materials for sewing delicate: you may find a large variety of lace, guimp and noble French Chantilly, which is made by special technology invented several centuries ago. It allows us to achieve fantastic results when modeling dresses - corsets with exquisite clothes look really gorgeous.

Wedding Dresses in our salon are created usually in a single copy. While tailoring hand-embroidery sewing beads and lace applique is used.

In our studio we use the latest technologies in design and modeling, import equipment that allow us to realize the most incredible freak bride to sew a dress of her dreams. Despite the use of modern equipment, there are always nuances and only hand work can cope with them. We fully understand this and value our employees with "golden hands." Our fabrics and accessories, stamping and embroidery are of exceptionally high quality, the dresses are of specific design, and even with all things considered they comply with international standards of fashion.

Today, there are a lot of salons in Chernivtsi offering beautiful wedding dress. Nevertheless, we believe that by way of looking for wedding dresses at our salon, you may choose the only one which will be beautiful and unique. Our consultants offer dresses for every taste: from short to long, from lush to narrow, with trains and bolero. Our dresses will emphasize on your figure and personality. We’ll assort dress that will make you feel like a queen of the ball.

We hope that you will find a lot of useful things on our website and become our satisfied customers.
Sincerely yours , Sunny Princess.

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