Wedding dresses in Chernivtsy from Sunny Princess

The Sunny Princess brand makes gorgeous wedding dresses, girls’ dresses and evening gowns for beautiful princesses. Our apparel can turn the most splendid day in a woman’s life into a fairy tale came true.

The company started as a small tailoring establishment specializing in original custom-made dresses for little girls. Every year young, ambitious professionals were joining the Sunny Princess team, and since 2013 it designs fascinating wedding, evening and girls’ dress collections, that can match any fancy of the most picky lady.

Wedding dresses from the top manufacturer in Chernivtsy ‒ the best choice for your special day

Sunny Princess is a fashion-forward atelier, continuously updating its model range, offering cutting edge styles as per the latest trends in bridal fashion. We keep pace with the famous fashion houses, and our collections represent the most actual and sought-after designs in dresses and accessories that charge their owners with charm and self-confidence.

Wedding dresses in Chernivtsy from Sunny Princess bridal atelier stand, first of all, for royal chic and a perfectly thought-out image. The number of wedding, evening and girls’ dresses we tailor increases every year, and we are proud to offer a broad selection of models, where every lady will find that unique, precious, coveted attire she always dreamed about.

The wedding dresses 2015 collection reflects our team’s professional approach and our genuine dedication to the artful work we do, which makes us one up on competitors. Each team member invests not just time and effort, but also emotional equity in every bridal ensemble. Our wedding, evening and girls ‘dresses are typically single copy pieces, and every dress can be customized to customer’s measurements and personalized to match her demands.

Whether you look for wedding dresses in Chernivtsy at wholesale or at a special price, you’ll be satisfied with your experience with Sunny Princess: the company works with tried, true fabrics and garment accessories to ensure a product of extraordinary quality. We offer a large variety of lace, chantilly, guimp. Sophisticated, refined wedding dresses with hand embroidery add legerity and mystery to the bride's silouette, draw admiring stares from everyone invited to this paramount event. Elabotated, subtle bodice patterns emanate womanliness, tenderness and elegance. Top embroideresses at Sunny Princess use modern techniques and meticulous hand work to create original appliques using beads, lace, pearls and crystals. Every lady will receive her daydream dress, telling a story of her fine taste and fascinating personality.

Today one may find a great choice of bridal apparel and accessories in Chernivtsy, still, Sunny Princess wedding dresses stand out from average, looking charming, stylish and royal. Our consultants will be happy to assist in choosing and buying a wedding dress from year 2015 not just flattering your stature, but transforming you into a real fairy tale princess.

Sunny Princess will walk an extra mile to make you feel the queen of the ball!

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